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Discussion: i cant post

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    février 2014

    i cant post

    i cannot post on forums this is stupid, this is the only place i can post at all im vip so help me please, ive logged relogged logged again relogged again changed nickname few thousand times, i dont see what the poblem is ive never used forums before so im not punnished in any way.

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    juin 2007
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    A number of people have reported this issue.

    In recent past a number of forum members went on a crazy spam posting frenzy all at the same time. We were getting 10 or more ad threads in each forum. Another person was making posts with a picture of a male sexual organ in their signature.

    Turbine made changes to the posting rights to put a stop to this behavior. I am do not know what all the restrictions are. I suspect one of them is that you have to post in one of the few forums that are open to you. Wait out the timer to get access to the other forums.

    If you want to discuss the issue further you need to send a private message for a community representative like Sapience.

    Accounts like yours were the primary cause of all the disruption. People would create a new account that would have a creation of Feb, 2014. Go on a rampage. There is still one human that posts several ads every weekend on the few forums that the the user has access to. It is always ads for the same service.

    It is an unfortunate situation. A few jerks were abusing their posting rights as new arrivals. Turbine's response is to restrict all new users.
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    janvier 2007
    Depends on which game I'm in :)
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    If you want to discuss the issue further you need to send a private message for a community representative like Sapience.
    You may or may not be able to send a PM. If you can't then your only option is to open a ticket for the LOTRO Community/Forum Support team.
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    février 2014
    well i make a account i have a 95 burg i am vip, card is liked to my address as if id troll forums. not like i made the account yesterday, its a dam joke to sort out other peoples bad behavior they punish those who are not responsible turbine clearly shows they are not in control they fix one problem with another, a company responsible for a game this big should be alot more organised than this, i already have all vip perks and i dont care about 500 tp each month, vip is now canceled until they bother to help, im not supporting a ticket, as i will wait forever for a reply and i dont want their help after ive just heard ive been punished for something i am not responsible for.

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    Sapience est déconnecté Former Community Manager & Harbinger of Soon
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    août 2008
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    New accounts, as yours is, are restricted to posting in this area and the new player area. It has nothing to do with VIP, Premium, or Free. It is because your account is new.



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