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    janvier 2007
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    What's the best kin on the server?

    1) which kin is best for questing?

    2) which kin is best for doing raids/12 mans/6 mans?

    I've been trying to do some of these instances and I can't get a group together, even on a saturday night

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    avril 2011
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    I dont know if theres a best of the best kins list but theres plenty out there that still play and it all depends on what youre looking for.
    A tree is a tree, a Rock is a rock and a Troll is Elmo

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    janvier 2007
    I am not sure that your questions are easily answered as it will depend on your Time Zone and the level at which you are wanting to quest/raid at I cannot speak for the other kins, but I am from Rare Breed ( and hardly a night goes by where there are less than 15-20 people online and we run 2-3 quests/skirms/raids per night (either scheduled via our website, or adhoc). In addition, we have a daytime crew of Euros and Aussies that run as well.
    Dadi / Tyrlas - Arkenstone (Leader - Rare Breed Kin)



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