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    novembre 2013

    Question Copy character's looks to new toon on another server - possible?

    Normally playing on Laurelin, I'm going to create a character on Landroval so I can go to Weatherstock and such. This new toon I want to be a visual clone of my main on Laurelin. Is there a way to automagically copy the main's looks during character creation? This would save time clicking through the various options and attempting to hit the same hair and skin colours.

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    I don't think there's any way other than take a screenies of your current toon and match it up when you make the new one. Some things can be altered at the Barber but not all. Skin tone, heritage and body type cannot be altered afaik. Hair style, scars can be changed. Not sure if you can do a nose job though.

    In SWTOR doing many beta runs, I took a screenies of the char creation page for my archives so that on resets I would know which sliders went where. It's probably too late for this in your case, but you might want one going forward.

    fwiw: I too just created a toon to go to Landy events. But I like my toons to be "all different" otherwise I couldn't tell the apples from the oranges.
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    novembre 2013
    That's about how I thought it is, but no harm in asking.

    Thank you for replying, and yes, it's too late to screenshot the char creation screen for my main

    As my main is part of the hobbit rp community on Laurelin, many of whom go to Landroval events, and I don't intend to use the Landroval clone for other purposes, cloning makes sense in my case.

    Edited to add: In the barber shop the following settings are listed by option number: Eyebrows, Details, Details2 and Hair Style. And the hair colour selection box is showed with your current selection in it. So there is that at least.
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    I think you should be able to see SOME of the settings when visiting a barber.

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    Look at your titles too. One of them should tell you which "subrace" you are; allowing you to get the right mix of eye colour, skin tone and hair colour.

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    The suggestions here are really the only way to accomplish what you're looking for. However, when you are working out how to do this and making the new character, pay careful attention to the options you are choosing. They are numbered. Write them down.

    Then the next time you want to make a character that looks the same, just use the same option #s you used to make this one. it doesn't work with eye, skin, or hair color, or body type, but it does for all of the other settings.

    This is why Hadacar looks pretty much the same across all servers when I do the Take the Hobbits to Isengard event.



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