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    juillet 2007

    Post your Trait Tree....

    Hey all I have been playing around with this website.

    Trying to find a different Type of build...

    I have been running mostly all Red for QK build and then build up to the 25% bleed damage as CA seems to be my opening skill as of lately. see below

    I was playing around and though Tonight I would give this build a shot to see how it reacts to Raid PvMP...... Thoughts?

    I would like to see what other burgs have been playing with if they could post them or just post your build code. Using the website above of course.

    Build code:
    benefits of build:
    Enjoyable factor:
    Situations you would use the build:

    Build code: 72
    benefits of build: Still yet to test the build as Im at work atm, I see it being a Bleed and Hips Build
    Enjoyable factor: As above not yet tested.
    Situations you would use the build: PvMP
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    janvier 2008
    Thanks for sharing your build.
    I have a question: do leaf walker and footpad effect stack? if it's the case does 10 stealth isn't it overkill? is that useful in pvmp where creeps can spam tracking?
    I propose a more hybrid build, that keep the key elements of QK and maximize the dot damage provided by cunning advantage and gambler advantage. This shoud be quite nice in pvmp, knowing that bleed ticks can crit up to 5k, imagine if you have 2 bleed skills, applying extra 2 ticks.
    here's my build:

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    novembre 2010
    A few quick points:

    1. Leafwalker and Footpad do stack, but it's not worth it to get both. There are too many other good traits and there's also creep tracking and BAs to counter your stealth. If you are running QK spec, get the 5 ranks of stealth from QK, not from TG. In the blue line, you're much better off getting your first 5 ranks from Stick and Move to access the second tier of traits for your bleeds. 5% evade is a big deal compared to 5 stealth levels.
    2. For anyone wanting to do significant damage in QK, you need to get the 5 ranks of Hidden Dagger (the follow-up trait that unlocks from getting 5 Footpad ranks). This increases your from-stealth damage by another +25%. This includes when you use Improved Feint Attack, not just your initial attack from stealth.
    3. meUruk, you will want to include Flashing Blades in your traits. It's a great dps skill and you will need it to fill out your rotation since it will be your only crit-chain ender. You should also pick up Dust in the Eyes because it's a great debuff, and it's your only slow (extremely important as a melee class).
    4. Bleeds are great, but they don't tick for 5k on this class. Burglars are lucky when they can get 2k+ ticks with Devastating Improved Cunning Attack (disregarding low rank targets who don't have audacity or traits). I would still invest some into the bleed damage trait, though, because you can nevertheless get a lot of damage from it when it's critting from stealth.

    This is how I'm traited most of the time for small group and fellowship size play in the 'moors:

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    janvier 2008
    thank you for your insight.

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    mai 2007
    A more group friendly/survivability tree.

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    février 2013
    Citation Envoyé par Aranedain Voir le message
    Burglars are lucky when they can get 2k+ ticks with Devastating Improved Cunning Attack (disregarding low rank targets who don't have audacity or traits
    It's not about luck, (you know what I mean ) it's something you build for. I totally agree with everything else you said, it can't be emphasized enough how important Dust is to the burglar in the moors. No pvmp build should be without it imo.

    I'm not a big fan of were Turbine took my favourite freep class with HD, and the build I'm mainly using in the moors feels more like a WoW rogue than a Lotro burglar, but for what it is worth here's my build. I would prefer going into MM and get Startling Twist, but I find this build gives way more bang for the buck tbh, get some meaningful LIs and you're set for raking in easy ren. if that's your cup o' tea.
    66 Maggot Street, Grothum, Arador's End, Ettenmoors.

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    janvier 2008
    which critical chain skill to choose? flashing blades or gambler's advantage?

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    octobre 2007
    Pve both. Pvp FB

    Aut vincere aut mori
    Attitude is everything

    League of Legends HebnesO: Singed The MAD Chemist. - Gold ranked player season one
    Lotro:Minstrel x2, Burglar x2, Lore Master x2, Guardian, Champion, Captain, Hunter, Runekeeper and Warden
    Ranks:3xr10, 5xr7, 2xr6, 2xr5,r4 and r3.. Lvls: 2x75 8x65
    Retired status: Ultra Casual



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