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    juin 2008

    Bannermen of Gondor - Landroval Military RP Kinship

    Men of the West!

    The Bannermen of Gondor are recruiting Archers, Sages and Men-at-Arms for service to the Steward and the line of Kings!

    We are an RP Kinship on the Landroval server that portrays a military unit or Banneret of Gondor that is currently posted in what was once the kingdom of Arnor. We were sent north to show Gondor's support in the fight against Angmar as well as recruit and train soldiers to return to our homelands when the time comes.

    We are an orderly and structured kinship with ranks for individuals as well as specific positions within the kinship organization. Once you join the Bannermen of Gondor, you will be given a proper uniform and kit and will be expected to maintain it for inspections and drill. (Though wearing it anytime is encouraged)

    You can reach us in game (See me Arandarion or any member) or via our website: which we have established for communication and record keeping.

    Come join us for a unique Kinship that has a sense of the greatness that is Gondor!

    Here are a few of our founding members at our first gathering which included some marching drill and an inspection:

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    novembre 2010

    Still kicking

    We're usually active from around 6 EST to 10 or 11 EST on weekdays and generally available on weekends. Please keep in mind that F2P players are more than welcome to join our ranks, but you must:
    -Have a wardrobe purchased/unlocked
    -Have at least 6 slots available in your wardrobe
    -Have at least one cosmetic outfit slot purchased/unlocked and willing to use it for the Banneret uniform.

    If you have any questions regarding these matters, contact Arandarion (our leader), Sarodil or Cuger (officers).



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    juin 2008
    Bump for Gondor!

    Swan Knight

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    janvier 2012
    Got to add a bump to this. This is a great group with some pretty cool ideas. The Kinship has Kinship house and the goal is to buy up the rest of the neighborhood with just our Kin. For RP enthusiasts, we have a small initiation ceremony. Dont worry we just casual RP just to add a flavor of immersion to the game. I really recommend this group. You also get a FREE uniform!

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    juillet 2010
    Logsden OR


    is it just men of gondor or can a man of rohan join? as I have a level 8 guardian named calebwulf on that server if so I can reroll a captain from gondor also been interested in captains anyways



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