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Discussion: Crafted LI Relic

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    octobre 2007

    Crafted LI Relic

    Hi folks,
    been awhile since i've played the game, but I remember you needing to have a certain rep with a crafting guild to be able to craft a relic with defensive/offensive stats. Is this still the case? Or would I be able to obtain one of these without working on a crafting guild? Thank you!
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    avril 2011
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    The only way to get a Relic for the fourth Relic slot is to craft an item and barter it at your Guild leader to get a Sealed Relic.
    Sometimes the Sealed Relic is tradable (ie. the generic +stat relics, Wood's +Agi, Metal's +Mit, Jeweller's +Will, etc.) and sometimes the Sealed Relic is bind on acquire.



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