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Discussion: Account Subscription?

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    janvier 2014

    Unhappy Account Subscription?

    So it's been a couple weeks since I've been on lotro.. And I got on today and saw that it was asking for me to 5 of my 6 characters to use because I don't have a subscription, but on the left it says I have a premium account anyone have a solution?

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    janvier 2007
    Depends on which game I'm in :)
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    VIP gets 2 more character slots than Premium. So when you drop from VIP to Premium you lose those 2 slots. If a character is taking up either of those slots you must select the ones you don't want to play. The characters are not deleted unless you delete them, so if you get VIP again or add additional character slots you will be able to play them again.

    Base number of character slots by account type:
    • Free: 2
    • Premium: 3
    • VIP: 5

    Mines of Moria expansion: +2 character slots

    Additional characters slots you can purchase: +10 (this number includes the now unavailable Adventurer Pack)

    Total slots available:
    • Free: 14
    • Premium: 15
    • VIP: 17

    This is per server, of course.
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