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    [Landroval] Carnival Ride - Saturday, March 1 at 2:30pm EST/servertime at the Prancing Pony

    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- =--

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    The riding team has been training hard. Come watch them ride their most challenging routine yet!

    Carnival music will be provided by the Remediators, an amazing band featured at this year's WinterStock!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- =--

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    The Carnival ride is only a week away! Get ready for an amazing equestrian event!

    Look for the team near the Prancing Pony in Bree at 2:30pm EST/servertime.

    Come early to enjoy Mardi Gras music, free ale and pipe weed!

    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- =--

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    Visionseer posted this amusing ad for the Carnival Ride:
    Citation Envoyé par Visionseer Voir le message

    The Remediators gonna be playin' the Fais Do-do at the Carnival Ride come Saturday, podna!
    Lots of the Zydeco, dancin' until vos pattes cry out "Oo ye yi!".

    Comon, Cuz, join the parade at the Prancing Pony in Bree-town on Saturday, March 1,
    at 2:30pm Servertime. Be a bit early, c'est bon.

    Laissez les bons temps rouler!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- =--

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    Here are some pictures of the mounted procession:

    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- =--

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    Here is the wonderful band, The Remediators.

    Here is Kieraneshe on the Steed of the First Marshal that she won. Congratulations!

    In the trivia contest, Kieraneshe won first place with 15 points, Celkat won second place with 14 points, Kytlyss won third place with 10 points, and Amberflower received an honorable mention with 7 points. Kaerri, Draggoul, and Zalana also demonstrated quite a bit of knowledge in equestrian lore.

    Feel free to reply with your own screenshots of the event!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- =--

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    Did you miss the show? Don't worry!
    Here is the Windy Acres Ranch Formation Riding Team performing at the Carnival Ride at the Horsefields of Bree-land.
    The riders are Brenthiel, Lhinnthel, Lifebringer, and Lindenel. This is their most challenging routine to date.
    Click here to download the MP4 (141mb at 640×360) or here to download the WMV(409mb at 1280×720).
    You can watch the video on YouTube at

    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- =--



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