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    juin 2011

    Insane Chef's mini cooking event!

    Barliman Butterbur and his good old firend the Insane Chef have baked over 1.500 pies! First 50 travellers who visited the famous Prancing Pony Inn recieved complete sets of items necessary to get the Pie Maven deed. Unfortunately some of them ate all pies at once, so we had to bring specialized teams of hobbit medics to treat many cases of stomach ache.

    Behind the scenes (Baking Of):


    Thank you Snowbourn for participating in the first Insane Chef's cooking event, hope you all enjoyed! Special thanks to Eweluna and Heinzje for sound effects Beware of the Insane Chef... He will be back....

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    juin 2011
    This time Insane Chef has convinced Elrond&Elves company to bake insane amount of lembas waybread (limited edition). Enough said, they have baked over 7.500 portions of lembas waybread for weary travellers. Event has been held at the stage in front of the Prancing Pony Inn in city of Bree. Many travellers visited our stand to taste superior superb lembas samples and listen to relaxing music.

    Special thanks to:
    - Brainstitch of Friendship and Mauritia of Blacklist, for lending storage space for all baked goods.
    - Beyoncia, for providing huge amount of mats.
    - Islumil of Supper Is Ready and Emanet of Draconis Potentise Magnus, for "sound effects".

    See you next time



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