The Kinship Company of Rohan is recruiting, all levels and races are accepted.

We are on the Firefoot server.

The background of the kinship is simple. I, the founder wanted to be in a Rohan and horse themed kinship. A kinship that had something to do with Rohan.
I had no succes finding one like that to join. So I decided to make my own. I wanted to name it Riders of Rohan which to my suprise was taken. I tried to find members of that kinship for several days. No succes. So I decided to name it to something similar but not exactly the same.

Its a very new kinship but active. We are currently recruiting, level and race dosent matter. All are welcome.

If you wonder what we have to offer, I can tell you. We can make weapons and armour for you, we can help you with quests and to level up. Do you need some special item like ingots or hides. We can help to get it. We aim to make the kinship become sort of like a family, brothers and sisters in arms. All fight for Rohan and Middle Earth.

We currently do not have a website. But when our numbers grow we might get one.

If you are interested to join either comment below, pm me or in the game mail me.

Character name: Ederon, level 53.

Welcome to Company Of Rohan.