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    février 2007

    When is the new housing system coming out?!

    Common guys, its been 6 years in the making. How long can this take?! Sometime this year, or in another 6 years?!

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    juin 2007
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    It is supposed to come out in 2014.

    It is my understanding the housing update was presented to the Players Council in the 2013. Apparently they wanted additional changes made. It is going to take some more months to get it done. We here more about it when it is closer to being ready after the NDA is lifted.
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    février 2007
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    Common guys, its been 6 years in the making. How long can this take?! Sometime this year, or in another 6 years?!
    Your question is very misleading -- there is no "New Housing System" in the works -- never has been; one has never been talked about.

    Six years in the making -- I don't think so. I'm a Founder/Lifetimer who has had a house since they first became available, and while there have always been requests for changes, those changes have always been 'incremental,' not for a "new housing system."

    There have been many, many different requests for changes made by players over the years -- almost as many as there have been for the Moors!

    There are changes to the existing Housing System -- the first of them appeared with Helm's Deep -- namely the change to Housing Storage.

    What additional changes are likely? I have no idea. Turbine doesn't reveal such things to anyone (including to the Players Council) until they appear on Bullroarer. (And even then, what appears on Bullroarer is not guaranteed to appear on the Live servers.)

    At this point, all we can hope for is that the housing updates will be in 13.0, probably appearing in a few weeks.
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    juin 2011
    Just another broken promise. As usual, Housing revamp will be delayed for ever, and ever, and ever. Turbine has been mentioning since RoI, and with every next expansion, the discussion finished with a similar "we’ll be talking more about this throughout the year". I don't expect this promise becomes reality, not only this year, even next one.



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