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    mai 2011

    Just a What If It Went Live? LOL

    alright I know the morale pots in the moors are now % wise and the 45% is going to be decreased before live but I was just thinking what if this went live? Increased Morale applied a heal to Bigevil restoring 46,467 points to Morale. I think it would make reavers already More OP than they are right now *well the rank 9+ ones* any thoughts?
    Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Wizards, For They Are subtle and Quick To Anger.

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    avril 2012
    Oh monsterclass op. Where is the problem? Minstrel and rune-keeper healing is so much higher than Warleader or orc-defiler heal. Freeps has bubbles for groups and so on. Lore-Master and captain can heal too. Almost every freep has a selfbubble and, and, and.

    So I don't know if you are playing freep or creep, but please not complained about any improvement for the creeps. Not every creep is rank 10+, there are player who need some changes, to get a little chance against the freeps



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