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Discussion: Morfaer is back!

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    décembre 2012

    Morfaer is back!

    Hey all!

    It's just amazing i got my old account back! I don't even know if any of you remember me or not but i was/i am Morfaer the Captain. Stopped playing last year for some RL reasons tried to come back before HD release but couldn't because i had no clue what was the password nor the billing info i was using. (A lot of changed in my life past year along with CC numbers and mail adresses). I am SO HAPPY! I never thought i would see my captain again. 20 minutes ago i just said to myself i would give it another shot. In despair, tried 5 different PWs and BOOOOM i'm in!

    Tho i heard most of Crick folks were leaving, which makes me quiet sad...

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    février 2007
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    Most aren't leaving. A few are either transferring a character or starting some new ones to have a larger server to PvMP on during off nights.

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    septembre 2010
    Or they're playing Civ V. Or, you know, Theme Hospital.

    Find me on Steam and ESO, same name.

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    septembre 2010
    Welcome back! I started playing again as well after 1-1,5 year break. And don't worry about activity, there are still plenty of raids done everyday (at least if you're in Knights who say ni (can't speak for other kinships though, but I assume there are who raid regularly as well), but glff holds an occasional raid invite as well)

    See you ingame,


    PS: @ Erlessa: Theme Hospital is such an awesome game



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