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    janvier 2014

    House Bloodmane ('New' Role-play kinship with experienced role-players looking for members.)

    House Bloodmane is a 'new' role-play heavy kinship that myself and a friend are trying to get started. The main point of the kinship is that it is a dwarven noble house so there is the possibility for all sorts of role-play. Wizards, musicians, craftsmen and warriors and though it is based around dwarves we welcome anyone of any race. The whole house is based around hard core role-play, so you get what your character earns. There will be events, both planned and spontaneous, and as it gets going an internal story going on. However the whole point of RP is that every player and every character has their own story and we will attempt to give you opportunities to allow characters to grow and develop both inside and outside the kinship.

    The reason that 'new' is in quotation marks is because we tried to start this house some months ago, but the project died during the design faze before it was open to the public. However by happy chance this means that the kinship which we are now trying to resurrect is now rank ten and after some hard work we have all the money together for a kinship house as well which should help.

    Anyone is welcome to join, you don't need to be above a certain level, because we can help you in gaining experience both ic through events and ooc by helping with quests. In addition we welcome people who may not consider themselves the best role-players but are willing to learn. The one thing we do demand is that you treat other players with respect, we want to make this into a community as well as a kinship and role-play is most enjoyable with friends.

    In any case, if you have any ooc questions send a IM to Northarin, or ask me through the forum. If you have read this and have decided "Yes I deffinatly want to try this!" then send an in game IC postal message to Northarin. If you are stuck for an IC reason for knowing say you saw a poster advertising vacant positions in House Bloodmane.

    Thank you for reading, and happy role-play.
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