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Discussion: Why can I not log in?

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    décembre 2013

    Why can I not log in?

    As you can see I have no problems logging into the LORTO website. However, when I try to log into the game client I get an error message saying 'no subscription for found'. Can anybody help me out with this please? I am desperate to get back on and playing.

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    janvier 2007
    Depends on which game I'm in :)
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    The error message usually will occur when the account you log in with does not have a LOTRO subscription associated with it. For example, you play DDO so your Turbine account has a DDO subscription on it. If you try to log into LOTRO with that account, you get the error there is no LOTRO subscription. You would need to contact Account Management to get a special key that adds a LOTRO subscription to your account with the DDO subscription.

    Are you sure you are logging in with the same account/subscription you played on before? Do you have more than one Turbine account? If nothing else works then contact Account Management for help with this.
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