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    juillet 2008
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    LotR BBC Dramatization

    I got the BBC Dramatizations of both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings for Christmas. I just finished the first disc of LotR, and it is FANTASTIC! I cannot praise it highly enough. I really love how events from the appendices were written into the script as they happened. The performances are spectacular, the music is great, the script is nearly perfect. I highly recommend the BBC LotR adaptation!

    (As a side note, I listened to most of the BBC Hobbit, and was not impressed at all. One is the recording quality; when the characters shriek, for instance, it splits my ears. But mainly I just didn't agree with some performance choices like squawking eagles, etc. Also did not care for the portrayal of Gandalf. I do NOT recommend The Hobbit dramatization.)
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    novembre 2008
    I enjoy both productions, the Hobbit is maybe a little dated is suspect the only elf the BBC had dealt with to that time was Noddy and the elvish voices reflect that. Its interesting that an audio adaption that sticks closely to the book can be a success while Peter Jackson and Co decided that they knew better and went for a dramatic departure from the work of JRRT. I really liked the voice of Robert Stephens as Aragorn (a good voice is important for kings) which was another area where Viggo Mortensen failed to hit the mark.
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