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    décembre 2013

    I CANNOT Enter Middle Earth

    This is my first time playing LOTRO, I've made it to a lvl 25 with my captain character and the last time I played my buddy teleported our instance group back to Bree. My game never loaded me back to Bree but everyone else did. I quit the game to hopefully come reload to where I left off but it won't load. I hit enter Middle Earth and then I sit in a loading screen and I wait like 10-15 mins until it says lost connection, please help! I've paid for some Turbine points and I'm not happy I have a brand new MacBook Air.

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    décembre 2013
    I made a new character and he's a lvl 3 and loads with no problems fyi

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    avril 2008
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    Have you submitted a Support ticket?

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    février 2007
    Philadelphia, PA
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    Have you submitted a Support ticket?
    This is the important step...

    "Lock-outs" like this occur on occasions for both PC and Mac clients.

    By visiting and submitting a ticket -- or calling them on the phone for faster response -- they can fix the problem.
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