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    juin 2011

    GILRAIN SOCIAL MEET: To the Professor - 7:45pm (GMT) 3/01/14

    7.45pm, Friday 3rd December 2013

    The Elders cordially invite you to toast the Professor, JRR Tolkien, on the anniversary of his birthday.
    We'll do this at the Bird and Baby Inn, Michel Delving - which is Turbine's nod to Tolkien's favourite Oxford pub, the Eagle and Child, where Tolkien and the other Inklings would drink and discuss. They would sit in the "Rabbit room" and Turbine have done a cute nod to this

    Due to other things going on that evening, we'll hold this at 7:45pm UK-time*.

    Anyone who is on the Gilrain server is invited. We'll raise a glass and perhaps set off fireworks (there are some spares if you don't have your own).

    *The Tolkien Society official time is 9pm (local to yourself) but we are a kin with members from lots of places, so no local time.
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    "I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass."
    Officer in the Elders kinship -
    We have left the wandering spark (Gilrain) to find the Song of Gold (Laurelin)...



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