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    décembre 2013

    Wink Greeting to all fellow LOTR players

    greeetings to my fellow player. I am Legolas Greenleaf. i am very pleased to meet any fellow players who could give me advice, i am a virgin to LOTRonline.

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    septembre 2008
    Wellington, NZ
    Hi there Legolas!

    Welcome to LOTRO! There's loads of way to play this game so make it what you want. Try a few classes and see which fit your play style best.

    You have from Ered Luin to Rohan to play in so have fun!
    Skurvy • Paxilon • Mutunus • Miskatonik | Lathfara • Tarinyx • Vypsania • Vettorial

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    avril 2012
    Mungu the great bids thee welcome, fresh blood.

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    mai 2007
    Northern Colorado
    Welcome to lotro and our world of Nimrodel! We will probably run into each other at some point in time. There are many ways to enjoy the game, so go have fun. Great adventures to you.
    Hilrond-1 Maestro of the Seven Stars Landroval



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