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    juin 2011

    Thaurlach one-shotting Glathliriel before being active.

    Did anyone try Thaurlach in the Rift of Nurz-Gashu since the HD Update? I tried it about a week ago. After soloing the rest of Nurz Gashu two friends joined for Thaurlach due to the fights mechanism. The figth went without any problems until we came to the point where Thaurlach is freed. The friends of mine where waiting at the room left and right for the door to open whereas myself waited at the sigil together with the Glathliriel (spelling?) ready to take Thaurlach as soon as he gets attackable. But even before I could do anything (Thaurlach still green) he one-shotted Glathliriel and the fight was over. First time I thought I had been unaware of him getting active, but two other tries, same result.
    Any ideas or known bug?

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    janvier 2013
    Did it couple times in a duo since last patch, never had this happen. I only learned not to dps him hard before rooms are done or she pulls his aggro at around 160-150k and he kills her in 1-2s.. I do remember one-time bug months ago that made it uncompletable cause water wouldn't get purified around him even after rooms were done and retrying it twice had the same thing happen... so i guess the only option is resetting the instance since u have all the previous locks and go back.
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    juin 2011
    Bank auf dem Balkon
    This happened to us, too some weeks ago.

    The second time I didn't wait with the NPC (whatever her name is) but at Thaurlachs right side. He should be tanked in a 90 degree angle anyway.
    I aggroed him as soon as possible and this time the Elven Lady survived.
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    juin 2011
    We did a run yesterday there and the tank had problems holding aggro - lv87 with forced taunts and bows -, for the Balrog would switch back to the elf during the release phase.

    By the way, the giant in the initial hall did not appear on the first run and had to reset the raid.
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