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Freeps have to get into the largest grouping of a Raid as to counter the large Craids and harder hitting wargs. Simply not a option to do otherwise. Wargs using macros has made this all the more needed. Strength in numbers as to watch each other back in a tight group. Reducing theRaid size will do nothing for reducing the size of Free p Groupings.

Right nowI only have 2 Second age LI's. I just updated my main weapon to lvl 95 and still need to replace my other one but finding lvl 95 is not cheap.
Hence why i said fix the skills on the classes that can macro.

Reducing the raid size will actually work, but those who deny it are probably raid babies themselves. Its a very clear indication of how the moors has went and is going, these raids dont create the best action, they ball everyone up in one area. Zerging is the only way many rank up, thus inturn they become more powerful and have more morale, this in turn will prevent many new players from even setting foot in pvp, more so on creep currently.

As for the weapons, imho its not meant to be cheap, its meant to be a progressive thing, where you become more powerful over time. We are spoon fed these days and now we have it all, its hard to give up.