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Discussion: Infractions

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    Who decides infractions? Is a user notified of an infraction? My account shows one and I have not done anything that I know violates forum rules. How can I determine what my "violation" was?

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    The forum Moderators are the ones that determine if a rule was broken and what the penalty is (e.g. infraction, ban). If you are given an infraction look at your PMs (use the link above); not sure if this is still done though. Infractions will appear on the Infraction tab, which only shows up if you have an infraction. If you look at the Community Guidelines (use link above) and go to the very bottom, you can the same process for "Appealing A Ban" to find out information on the infraction. Or you can sometimes send a PM to the Moderator that issued the infraction (but may be slower at getting a response due to availability of the person and how many PMs they get).
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