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    janvier 2012

    Exclamation Active Kin that does endgame content?

    Greeting Vilya, I am Zemeria(Burglar) and fully geared, I'm possibly going to switch to this server from Elendilmir. I'm trying to explore my options here, not trying to be to haste by rushing into things.

    During RoI I've completed all wings from Orthanc T2 challenge
    During RoR I've completed: Flight to the Lonely Mountain T2 Challenge, The Battle for Erebor T2 challenge, and The Fires of Smaug T2 challenge

    I am also an active PvPer- Rank 11 Burglar with max audacity

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    juin 2011
    You are a few expansions too late

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    juillet 2011
    Not to bash my own server, but if i were you, i would really take a look at bigger servers before making the decision to transfer here. Unfortunately i have to say that smaller servers in general are dying, and Vilya is not an exception. This shows in PVE and PVP. There are a few kinships that do endgame content (to name a few: Soldiers of the Isles, Phoenix Rising and Riders of the Dark Fyre are the most prominent), but it's not comparable to times before Rohan and Helm's Deep. The public channels are spread between Unite (Vilyas specialty) and Glff and are quiet most of the time, which is in general a bad indicator of activity. The Ettenmoors action is non consistent and quiet most of the time (exceptions are weekend hours after 6EST).
    Vilya: Healadder (defiler, R10), Kommisar (stalker, R7).
    Snowbourn: Superserial (warleader, R8), Steelstack (reaver, R6).
    Brandywine: Manvet (champion, R10 - Retired); Stargash-1 (reaver, R12)

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    septembre 2010
    Try contacting someone from The Phoenix Rising to know more about us
    VILYA: Capitao-1 r12 Captain | Dwalfin r6 Minstrel | Wuulff r8 Warg | Kruusher r11 Reaver | Creepitao r7 WL



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