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Discussion: So tell me...

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    avril 2011
    Firstly, i hope i have the permission to post.

    I do?


    During my travels i found that almost everyone who had transfered away from Imladris ha.d a very hard ..time letting go.
    Therefore, Imladrismust be the best of all possible worlds

    .I remember i once wanted to transfer 8duetolackofraiding in EU time but i found more and morgreat fellows for EU raiding a bit after.

    But maybe i should have transfered.
    It seems to enlighten people so profoundly to find themselves in a place of high population., partialy absorbing the achievments of the best of those many.,

    Sorry for the mistakes, mobile gives me some trouble

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    novembre 2011
    pero, we love you also when youre drunk and esoteric but please come back soon tyvm
    Venacava R11 Runekeeper | Getsyoulaid R10 Blackarrow | Femmefatale R8 Weaver | Genka R9 Stalker


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