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Discussion: combat animation bug?

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    décembre 2008
    Washington State

    combat animation bug?

    I don't know if the rest of the hunter community has seen this, but what has happened with the combat animation when firing a bow? Seems that 12.1 added an extra frill when hunters start combat, the drawing of the bow. The problem is that I can be bow in hand, half way through my induction of whatever skill, when my hunter decides he needs to put away the bow he is already holding and pull out another bow. Was the bow I had in hand not good enough? Is this new bow some super-secret new weapon. Or is it just a simple glitch in timing? Both my wife and I have both seen it on our hunters and I was curious if anyone else had seen it.
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    mai 2011
    I've seen this on my Hunter as well. I looks like she pulls the string back to start the induction, and THEN remembers that her bow is still on her back and reaches back to get it. I've heard others who also have it on their Hunters, so it might be a problem for a lot of us! She does the motion correctly when she puts the bow on her back again when she's done shooting though.

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    novembre 2013
    i know i too have the problem i keep asking many hunters if it happens to them and they say no. it is very strange and annoying i hope lotro fixes it or if you have any suggestions please help!

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    avril 2007
    Happening here too. I submitted a bug report a few days back but received no reply that I saw. At the very start of combat, he will pull a string and arrow, but the bow stays on his back. And it began after this last patch. It may seem like a small thing, but something like that has an effect on the feel of the entire game.

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    décembre 2011
    It may have a lower priority than other issues in the game. After all, you can still make things drop dead.

    (PS: I have the same problem for a long time.)
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    août 2011
    Got the same problem and I find it really annoying. I actually don't think I'll play again until it's fixed.



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