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    janvier 2013
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    Announcement: On Halloween Night every year the gates of the Ettenmoors are released and the monsters of the world charge upon the free people!

    This day no infamy or condemnations are received.

    The creeps are let out of their hometown and are allowed to travel anywhere in the world of men yet they do not have maps so they must run everywhere they wish to go.

    It is up to the free people to defend there homeland and protect the lower leveled freeps. Creeps are allowed to go into Bree and all other places of the world for one night before they are driven back to there homeland.

    Let's give the freeps the scare of their lives!

    Anybody else think this would be fun?
    This is probably in the top 5 best ideas I have read thus far, really take the fluff out of the game for 24 hours, one thing i will say is as creeps have way more power advantages in the moors than freeps as this is their zone, this would have to be adjusted when they cross over to our zone so we are all on a level playing field, level for level so every one has a chance.
    I'm pumped for this idea, get your marbles in your sack people and lets have ourselves a reckoning
    “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
    ? J.R.R. Tolkien

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    novembre 2013
    A friend of mine would like to see seasonal goats along with the seasonal horses.

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    juin 2012
    Well maybe:
    1. An Event where enemies attack Bree or other location and we have to fight them. Or just, where only one big boss attacks.
    2. A sugesstion that new rewards are made for all the events.
    3. And some new tasks/quests for all events.

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    juillet 2011

    Anniversary Festival

    What about giving out those Sigils of Dedication for creeps during the anniversary again? I'd love to get the fat defiler skin :3
    [center][color=aqua]Narhelm[/color]-95 [color=green]R10 Warden[/color]/[color=aqua]Narigrin[/color]-95 [color=blue]R6 Warden[/color]
    [color=red]~Chief[/color]-[color=lime]{[i]Merry Band of Midgets[/i]}[/color]-[color=red]Brandywine~[/color]
    [color=red]~War-Boss[/color]-[color=lime]{[i]Holy Brethren of Breakfast[/i]}[/color]-[color=red]Brandywine~[/color]
    All [i][color=lime]Nar[/color][/i], all the time.[/center]

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    août 2012
    Under a bridge behind a rock inside a cave. Don't let the dank out!
    keep off the lava, with hobbits running around under you making "lava" noises as well as wearing orange and red cloaks
    My Cat's breath smells like cat food


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