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Discussion: How's the new update?

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    octobre 2010

    How's the new update?

    I really don't want to read the press release because I don't want to take time to find it and Crick PvMP forums are bookmarked for me, so if someone would be so kind as to just highlight some of the more important features that were "fixed" or changed. It would be very kind.

    First day after the update is anyone really shocked that it's a Grams camp?

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    novembre 2010


    Ya know, freeps were being held off for about an hour or two until creeps began to leave and freeps gained more heals. Not everyone had their PvP gear yet and were dropping like flies, others were pretty decked out and had their new skills and traits down pat and were tougher to fight. Burgs man, Burgs. Same for creeps still only having r13 audacity.

    It's been a fun day overall. Grams camp musta happened after I left.
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