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Discussion: Class distribution

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    mai 2012

    Class distribution

    What class is the least played on this server and what class is the hardest to find for raiding/grouping?

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    février 2007
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    Not sure what it is now, but in the olden days, at 75 cap, it always seemed like the population was (from least to most)

    Burglar and Warden 7.4% each
    Loremaster 8%
    Runekeeper and Captain 9.9% each
    Minstrel 10.5%
    Guardian 12.3%
    Champion 13.6%
    Hunter 21%

    (Of course the percentages are just a guess.... )

    Now as far as what people want in raiding/grouping...well... that may depend on what they are doing. (Sometimes it doesn't even matter.)

    For what it's worth, I'd advise anyone to play a class they have fun with and to worry less about what class they play and more about having fun and learning everything they can about the class and what to do in every situation. Also, I'd still advise working on virtues.

    (Anyway, probably the best way to get in a group is to join a good kinship.)



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