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Discussion: Hello Silverlode

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    décembre 2013

    Hello Silverlode

    How is everyone doing
    Decided to come back to the game starting fresh on silverlode, was never really a pro and was not able to play alot previously so still a big newbie!! Was wondering what the Global channel to join is on the server and also wondering if there are any casual pve/pvmp kins recruiting going to continue noobing it up.
    Thanks for the read and answer to any questions.

    P.S. Not really sure why my forum name is Lt4WvLBG09 either haha.

    - Avrenet, Man Loremaster-

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    avril 2007
    Menomonie, WI
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    Welcome back...

    PvP kins? Well, it's not like the old days with kins like Apathy and Spirits of the Forgotten, but a few kins have some dedicated PvP action:

    Nomin Elgath Council
    The Pirate Alliance
    Triumph (my kin, we are few though)


    /joinchannel glff for some real nightly entertainment.
    Irin r8 Hunter // Arngar r8 Burg // Akthuri r15 LM // Vishus r5 Captain // Curad r11 (active) Mini



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