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Discussion: Some Stuff is Missing

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    mai 2011

    Some Stuff is Missing

    I read the u12.1 beta notes and I release some things are missing. firstly A DPS Traited Loremaster 's induction reductions Nature's Fury" induction time reduced from 3s-->2s.The induction for Burning Embers is being reduced from 1.5s--> 1.2s--this is still a 1.5 sec induction
    The induction for Water Lore is being reduced from 2s --> 1s. this is still a 2 sec induction
    The induction for Back from the Brink is being reduced from 8s --> 5s. still has an 8 sec induction0has a 6.1 sec induction on live
    The induction for Test of Will is being reduced from 2s --> 1.5s. this is still 2 seconds A new season of PvMP Ring Sets have been released at an updated Item Level-- this is false I could not find any lvl 95 rings swords or anything if iv missed anything could someone please post it on here? also the lightning storm was reduced from 3>2 which was not noted on notes and ring of fire now has a ring animation which was not noted on notes.
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    Make sure you /bug it on BR then.



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