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    septembre 2010

    How to buy quest packs/game time for a friend?

    There is no link from the LoTRO Store web page to enable one to purchase game time or quest packs for a friend. It took nearly 15 minutes of drilling down through forum posts to find a link in the Account Support Questions. Two suggestions:

    1. Post a stickied link to purchasing for a friend in the LOTRO Store sub-forum (which was the first place I looked).
    2. Add a "Buy a gift" link on the LOTRO Market page pointing to

    I think the original intention was that "LOTRO Store" be for purchases for one's own account and "LOTRO Market" be for purchases for others. Right now the Market link is requiring a login before one can purchase, implying the purchase will be applied to the logged-in account.

    With the Christmas shopping season upon us, an easier way for people to give gifts of game time, quest packs, etc would be a good thing for LOTRO and Turbine.

    Have a very merry Yule!

    Edited to add:
    Even the link above does not work to buy a gift - the checkout wants one to create a new account. Ticket created with Customer Support.
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    octobre 2013
    Thank you for the suggestion. We definitely do want a gifting functionality to the LOTRO market, and it's something we're looking to bring in the near future.
    As for having to create a new account at checkout on, I believe that is the account for the store and not the actual game. Once you make the purchase you can send the unlock code to a friend and family as a gift.

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    novembre 2007
    I agree and had trouble buying the quad pack for a friend. I thought I went through the right link and bought the quad pack and it put it on my account. I didn't think it would do that because I had every expansion but I was told later because I had bought the pre order version that is why it allowed me to buy it. I think this should be fixed and make is clear before you finish the purchase that it will be applied to your account or if a code will be sent. A call to the customer support fix the problem quickly (thanks!). I just think I shouldn't have ran in to. She (customer support) sent me to the web site for buying for a friend (I was buying 2 more HD) but it was the same situation. I ended up logging into my friends account and buying it for them. Even if it something as simple as a warning that this is for the account you are logged onto will save some frustration.

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    avril 2007
    I had sent a private message and never heard back. How do I buy the quad pack for a friend? I really don't want to ask him to provide me with his contact information.
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