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    novembre 2012
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    Hunter cosmetic sets suggestions

    For under level 85s with no access to awesome armour, I have trouble finding a cool cosmetic set. I am not a fan of the super-shiny-all-buffed-up armour as I think it is not apt for a stealthy, moving through the woods hunter. Mine just is not . . . sophisticated enough. Please post pics of your favorite hunters along with the names of pieces of armour. It would be greatly appreciated!
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    septembre 2013
    I don't feel like I should duplicate my post, so this is just to mention that I replied to your other thread, in the hunters forum.

    Edited to add: This set by Miriadel has got to be the coolest forest-y outfit I've seen. It sounds like it's all sub-85, but still higher than the levels in your sig.

    As far as my other post, if the elven campaigner shirt is too flashy, maybe the radiant armour (light, L45) would suit better:

    (Alright, I'm stopping now. I spend much too much time in the dressing room. :P )
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    Do you have the wardrobe? You can wear any piece of amour, no matter the level or intended class, by sticking it in the wardrobe. There are also "ceremonial" (cosmetic) versions of many armour sets available in the skirmish camps.

    That being said, there are still plenty of good-looking low-level armour pieces. This is the medium Fem armour set (the chestpiece, leggings, and gloves) from quest rewards in Aughaire in Angmar. I've used higher level boots, shoulders, and the headpiece, but you can use the other Fem armour set pieces with it just fine. I'm not sure about the boots or shoulders, but this headpiece is availabe in Lalia's market in Bree.

    One of my favorite hunter sets is this one from The Starry Mantle

    I stole the color scheme and the cloak and boots from this set and put them with the Mirkwood crafted Herald's set, which I thought looked a little bit "girlier". So if you see something you like, you can always try to recreate it with whatever you have on hand.

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    novembre 2011
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    My really cheap Beginner's Hunter, as I already described him in

    This character is below level 50 which means Mirkwood is far beyond his capabilities.
    Head: Deckhand's Eyepatch from the last Pirate Day Event.
    Shoulders: Cloth Shoulder Pads of Determination (Sienna by default, drop)
    Back: Rough Cloth Cloak (sewn, from the initial Tailor crafting task, bleached)
    Chest: Shining Dwarf Leather Jacket (Rivendell Green, drop)
    Hands: Leather Gauntlets of Might (Dark Green, drop)
    Legs: Leggings of the Eglain (Quest reward)
    Feet: Padded Shoes (starting equipment)

    Greetings, Polymachos

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    août 2013

    This is my low level hunter hobbit look. It is all made from quest rewards and drops except for the cloak which I had bought in the store, and then dyed Sienna.



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