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    août 2012

    Newbie looking for a kinship

    Hello all, I've recently started playing lotro for real (For real meaning not several 30 mins sessions then getting bored). And I'm looking for a kinship (They are "Guilds" in this game right?") that's is active, and happy to help a newb through his adventures in Middle Earth. I am a level 10 Dwarf Champion thingy if that means anything. Now onwards to Mordor...damn we Dwarves weren't made for running.

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    mars 2014

    The Hunters of the West

    Would you be interested in joining Hunters of the West? We are very active and treat one another like family. New members are always welcome!!

    Message me in game or Thalandra,

    Albedeous of Arkenstone
    Kinsman of Hunters of the West



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