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Discussion: Solo Christmas Songs

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    juin 2011

    Finding Solo Christmas Songs??

    I've been trying to find some Christmas songs but most of the ones I come across (Fat Lute and LOTRO ABC are the only places I know of) are for multiple people. Can I anyone point me in the right direction for some solo songs?

    Also while thinking of it if anyone can transcribe the following (or show me where to find them) I would be thankful!
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    juin 2011
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    Hi, Katerbug, welcome to the forums.

    Give this site a try.

    I would recommend muting your sound before you go there though (you'll see why).

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    septembre 2013
    lotromusic is a great resource for abc files, and I think it has a list of other abc sites as well. You might also try The Session.

    I also took a shot at transcribing some of the songs you posted:
    Christmas in Killarney
    Mele Kalikimaka
    It's a Marshmallow World - 2 versions, since I couldn't decide which was better.

    (Although my "transcribing" skill consists of sticking a midi through a converter, and I couldn't find a midi for the last one, unfortunately.)

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    décembre 2013
    Very nice songs..............I like it.

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    juin 2011
    Walstow, Bree Homestead
    Greetings to ya!

    A little notice here about Yule music (as the season is about to come around again) and the band I'm leading called 'The Chosen Few' on Laurelin.

    A couple of years ago we gave the Lotro Music community a little Yule gift through the website, and the present was our collection of Yule tunes
    for solo up to 'lots of players' :-) (All of 'em handmade by members of the band)

    The page is still active, and the article can be found here:

    So, if ya see a bard out there playing music around Yule, ask him if he got the files from the TCF, and ya can play together with ease :-)

    Best regards
    Grymrock Grey
    Leader of 'Order of the Divine Brew' kinship at [EN-RP] Laurelin server.
    Bandleader of 'The Chosen Few' at the [En-RP] Laurelin server.

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    lotromusic is a great resource for abc files, and I think it has a list of other abc sites as well.
    LOTRO Music has moved to this address since mymiddleearth is gone:

    And here's a link directly to the seasonal music list:

    It may not stay there permanently, but it's there until I figure out what I'm going to do with it long term.



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