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    septembre 2013
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    As I noticed there purchased by rep coins/tokens in Helms Deep. Not sure how that will work in the long run unless there is some quest we can do every day.

    How about a list of daily quests so we can at least work
    on earning the tokens to buy them while we farm away
    the day looking for them? I've not run across a daily
    other than a couple warbands I can solo.

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    décembre 2008
    Middle Earth, Arda
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    How about a list of daily quests so we can at least work on earning the tokens to buy them while we farm away the day looking for them? I've not run across a daily other than a couple warbands I can solo.
    You can find the West Rohan quests list here:

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    septembre 2010
    This is the first game I have gone into crafting extensively and loved it. I feel a sense of pride to have 6 toons on this server and 5 on another all wearing guild recipe equipment including legendaries that I have crafted.

    I have 3 toons to level 95 but only one has 95 equipment due to the lack of the Emerald shards. Two of them farmed ore and one of them farmed both ore and wood the entire time they leveled from 85 to 95 doing all the quests in the zone as well as the epic line. One time I went 4 levels until I finally got a shard. I couldn't enjoy the questing because I was constantly thinking about the frustration.

    Usually I have all the rare drops I need before the toon reaches 95. So when my other 3 toons on this server reach 95 I will have to grind farm? which I never had to do before ever. Not feeling the reward for hard work anymore.

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    octobre 2013
    It really is luck of the draw. 4 days ago i got 2 shards in a row near this enemy camp in broadacres. And no shards since then. I have so much eorlingas skarn that i simply give them away.

    But again, getting kindred with Helmingas is insanely easy, you can get there with just questing. Note that i completed every single quest in West Rohan and had around 1100 westemnet iron tokens at the end.

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    septembre 2010
    Drop rate is still insanely low.. My farmer has gotten one. Can't count how much he has farmed but to put it in perspective, my ore-gatherers have amassed over 3,000 bits of ore since the last emerald shard dropped.. Are they really supposed to be THIS rare???

    Not complaining, just making observations..
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    septembre 2012
    Mostly Middle Earth
    I needed a couple for LI's for kinnies last week so went out "farming" on my lvl89 Forrester Guard and managed to get 6 shards for just over 5 stacks of wood.
    Thinking that the drop rate might have been increased with a recent update took my lvl88 Explorer Burg the following day and for 7 stacks of ore and 9 wood got just 1 shard.

    My lvl95 Hunter has still only ever had 1 shard from Scholar nodes and my Farmer/Cook just the 1.

    The RNG broken?

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    juin 2007
    Still seems to be impossible to get enough shards to equip one toon, I've levelled 3 to 95 this hasn't happened in the past.
    Drop rate increase Turbine!
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