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    novembre 2013

    Narlii's Armour-Shop is Taking Requests

    Greetings Free People of Middle Earth,

    Have you been drafted by the Grey Wizard to protect some fugitive hobbits?
    Has your town mayor asked you to kill 10 ridiculously large spiders?
    Did some lazy, do-nothing ranger ask you to raid an orc-camp single handed, while he sat back and 'tended his injuries'?

    You need armor! And ol' Narlii has just the stuff for you.

    Rare sets for levels 7 - 25.
    If you're reading this right now, chances are you know what you're looking for.
    If you're not sure yet, is a good place to see what's out there.

    You could wait for me to put it in the AH, but why wait to get the full set you want.
    Send me a message through the in-game mail, and let's make a Deal!

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    Date d'inscription
    novembre 2013
    Har! Thank you for your orders so far.
    Custom-made gear for those who know.

    Today's Special!
    In the AH you'll find a set of Well-Crafted Dwarf-Make Armor for lvl 15.
    250 silver per piece.
    There are 5 pieces in the AH.

    If you are the one who buys the set, put on all the items and meet me at the Auction House in Bree.
    I will GIVE you the Helm to complete the set. FOR FREE.

    ****************************** ****************


    Some fancy-#### hobbit burgled three of my boot prototypes,
    right off my wagon, if you please.
    Now he's got them in the AH, trying to undercut MY prices.
    Do not buy anything from Garoldo!
    And give him a slap if you see him lurking about the Bree AH.



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