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Discussion: Where's rend?

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    avril 2011

    Where's rend?

    I can't find an icon for rend in the yellow tree, or any tree for that matter...


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    juin 2007
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    Rend is a base skill for the Yellow Line. All you have to do is pick Yellow as your specialization and you get Rend automatically

    You choose Blue or Red - you will never have Rend.
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    avril 2007
    Rend is also AoE now, and adds 2 Fervor instead of costing 2.

    All of which I think make it a lot more awesome, but I didn't know it was a barred skill to the other specializations; it's too useful to ban completely! Especially since it would also go really well with red; they should at least get a single-target equivalent, I think.
    (I should probably change this to a real sig now, but I'm busy playing LotRO.)



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