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    mars 2007

    Instance Finder while leveling

    I'm just curious, really, does anyone on this server run instances while leveling their characters? By leveling I mean like 20-50, etc. Is it worth it to even try to queue up for some, or are all instance groups basically going to be at the high levels?
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    octobre 2013
    Yes, i think a lot of people do. I'm almost sure that most kinship members are doing instances freqently, if not for levelling, then for some unmatched gear in reward. In higher levels most armour and weapon recipes for crafting require friend/ally or kindred standing with different factions, or some "special" currency to buy. Many people i know buy a 100% XP tome, and do instances for an hour or so if they want to level up fast.

    Guess all is matter of taste. If you like soloing, do quests. I did that on my first toon, but tend to do instances more often now, in the end i find it more fun to join with some friends, and work together through an instance.

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    août 2012
    I use instances as a stop-gap leveller when questing etc. is too high/time-consuming/etc. Most of the time I solo but occasionally do join a group if it matches what I want to do. I agree with Matsack that it's more common in a kinship and is probably more fun if you can find the right group.



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