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Discussion: PUG much?

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    mai 2011

    PUG much?

    I'm in the process of switching servers and am looking for a more active server. I enjoy doing grouping with PUGs and was wondering if Brandy ran a lot of group through GLFF. I already see that during my play times (8am-2pm server time) there was about 240 people on GLFF compared to about 40 on my original server. As of right now I'm between changing to Brandywine or Landroval, any info is appreciated.

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    mars 2011
    brandywine is way more active as far as pugs are concerned than landroval. Though either is fine till the initial new instance smell wears off or people get all the gear they need. However, I would point out that I left landroval for brandywine because things dropped to a crawl in the pug department on landroval once the summer lull hits.
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    juillet 2008
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    Brandywine does have a fair amount of PUGs. Though because of your playtime (8am-2pm) have you checked out an EU server? Maybe Snowbourn? I believe that would be 1pm-7pm London time.
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    janvier 2010
    From recollection, Snowbourn is a rather active server in the EU timezones. You will find groups there, even at lower levels.

    If you are looking for a more mature audience however, try Laurelin. A RP-encouraged EU server.
    It will be less populated than Snowbourn however.
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    avril 2007
    Its ok for higher levels but no one really runs then at low levels. Just be forewarned



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