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    mars 2007

    Red face LF: Kinship with a friendly range of mid-max level players

    I've been looking over the Gladden board trying to find an active guild since I'm coming back into the game actively again and I was surprised at the number of kinships that exist on this server. My highest toon is only 45 and I was wondering if there were any kinships that have people in this range and don't mind running old instances, just to see them. I never got to run any in LOTRO's hayday and I get a twinge of sad when I find out I'm the only one in the entire zone and it wouldn't be possible for me to find a group. If you know any kins that have an active group that does instances and raids casually then please point me in the right direction. Thank you!

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    septembre 2010
    You're welcome to come try Tribal out for your kinship ( We're a family-friendly kinship that is primarily social but has quite a few members who group up and run instances, old and new. We enjoy crafting, sight-seeing, raiding, and the occasional chicken run. Many end-gamers have alts at various levels, and lately they've been running amok. Admittedly, we'll probably seem more 85-heavy starting on Monday with the update, but I'm not sure what kinship won't.

    Contact me (or any officer) in-game if you'd like to talk more or try us out.

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    février 2011
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    Rangers of the West might be a good fit for you

    We have folks from all levels active, and we run both mid and endgame level instances most weeks.

    If you are interested in checking us out, our website is at

    We are a friendly, active group who enjoy helping each other out through adventures in Middle Earth. We're not the only one on Gladden for sure, so I hope you find a kin that suits you and look forward to seeing you along the way.
    LilyRose of Gladden, Mistress of the Rangers of the West Kinship. Come check out our kin at

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    mars 2007
    Thank you for the replies!



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