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    novembre 2013

    My girlfriend and I are completely new to LOTRO and looking for a kinship!

    Like the title says we're looking for a kinship, would love helpful friendly players to contact me.

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    septembre 2013
    I would say don't be in a hurry. Take your time and find a Kin that fits your play style and personalities best. What do you seek in a Kin? Are you an active player wanting to focus on leveling? Are you more interested in crafting or some of the social aspects of the game (music for instance). Does RP enter into your plans? Do you prefer a large Kin or small; each can be a different experience. Also consider how active you want to be in the Kin. There are many ways you can help out in a Kin but consider if you want to put in the time to be helpful.
    You will see in chat lots of Kins offering membership. Check to see if they have a website, most do. That can give you some idea of what the Kin is all about. When you get into Fellowships notice how the Kin connected players you are with act. It's not necessarily a reflection of their Kin but it can be.
    There are some great Kins on Landroval so take your time to find one that the two of you can best connect with.

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    septembre 2010
    Great White North
    If your looking for a fun and helpful, and not overly large kinship, may I suggest Middle Earth Craft and Wares. We have a variety of events that we hold throughout the month and are working to put together more. Anyway check out our page at: or drop a line in game to Lerillos or Tostadora for a chat.



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