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    octobre 2013

    Returning to the game, looking for kinship.

    Im returning to the game after a 6 yr hiatus and would like to find a kin that is social, talkative, helpful but not pushy, with casual people who simply enjoy playing together and having fun.
    I'd prefer more mature groups of people as I and my two friends who would be joining me are all over the age of 30. We tend to play together as a group the three of us, how ever we don't mind being helpful to our kinmates. If you are a kinship who feels we can fit into your group of friends, please message me on server pretty much any time of day, My characters are Hughe Manne, (main) hunter, fjorde, runen, whong, or obveus.

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    août 2013
    I'd be happy to invite you to join Durins Kin kinship on Silverlode. Definitely a more mature crowd (as far as the regulars go that is), as the lord is a bit older. Almost everyone has a mature attitude, definitely not college-age. I myself am in my mid-thirties.

    The regular 5-8 people come on with their various alts and are indeed talkative and helpful. Our lord organizes fellowship raiding of tough areas to have fun killing orcs, goblins, wights, etc., and to help lower chars to level up more. And we're having a holiday party in Bree in mid December.

    Despite the name being affiliated with the Dwarves, Durins Kin is open to all races. It's just that the theme of the kinship is concerned with the reclamation of Moria, and as such there is a concerted emphasis to help people get their chars to reach Moria at the least. Accordingly, the majority of chars in the kinship are <60 level.

    Feel free to message me (Emmeleia) in-game, but as I'm only on during certain hours of the day due to work, you may want to send our lord (Nmeglin, or his alt Nmazie) an in-game mail instead. Tell him I referred you.
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