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Discussion: Returning Player

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    février 2008

    Returning Player

    Hi all,

    Coming back for a looksee. It's been a few years but I'm chasing gaming options and figured I'd check out LotRO again. Time to try and locate my old server and account. See what's left after changes.

    is there any way i can look to see what characters and accoiunt upgrades remain from any previous accounts?

    Kind Regards,


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    mars 2012
    The Lowlands
    Welcome back!!!
    check out and log in, where you should see what you bought.

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    décembre 2008
    Middle Earth, Arda
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    ... is there any way i can look to see what characters and accoiunt upgrades remain from any previous accounts? ...
    You should not have lost anything you bought. You can check them in the turbines website. Now recalling where you last logged is a different matter. You may have to log on each server till you walk into the forgotten alts, because is gone for good & now you can't see other than in the game, where you last played. Good luck completeing your mission fast.

    ~ Check my Kinship at Gladden server: The Fate of Middle Earth ~

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    décembre 2011
    If you remember the name of your character(s) you could also try , and then fill in the name of (one of your) character(s) and search on each server. It beats having to log in on each different server.
    Do keep in mind though that a name can exist on each server, so if you have a 'less unique' name and only 1 character you might find your chars name on more than 1 server.

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    décembre 2010
    If you're considering coming back for good and have been away for a while, keep in mind that the upcoming release (slotted for mid-November) is going to change the way all classes play. So, don't get too caught up in learning your class skills and focus more on the questing and environment in your assessment.



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