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Discussion: Wiping As Intended

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    septembre 2010

    Wiping As Intended

    Recruitment is currently: OPEN

    About Us:
    Wiping As Intended was founded on April 2013, we were focused on end-game/T2 HM raiding content. After the change to Lotro we observed in the last year, we just stroll a very casual path. Or as casual as we want to make it. We lost some people but we still have a few active members and we are looking for new friends to join us for some group content. It would be also nice to return to regular t2 raiding but for that we also need more people. This is why we would prefer to invite level-capped players. Gear is not an issue as long as you are willing to get it with our help.

    We always were a relatively small kinship with members who know each other well and we would like to stay like that.

    We are also not:
    - a raiding kin - our real-life obligations don't like heavy raiding focus
    - a pvp kin - although some of us visit etten, we don't spend there whole days


    We are currently open to any class.

    Our Officers are currently as follows:

    Ithilgorien/ Kawakami - Guild leader
    but you can just contact any member

    Applying to the Kinship

    To apply please visit our website:
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    septembre 2010
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