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    décembre 2008
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    Elusive Champion Sword - 3rd age LI , lvl 85

    Hi (also posted this on the Champs forum):
    Anybody ever got a combat drop of a Lvl 85, Champion's one-handed sword (3rd age)? If so, where?
    Never seen one at the Auction House so far either.
    Simply don't want to spend all my shards crafting this one at the relic master's (2100+)...
    Skirmishes may be another idea, but I'd rather avoid that grind.

    Seems like a pretty basic LI, why so elusive?


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    avril 2011
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    Yes. In Wildermore.

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    janvier 2011
    Crafting them is another option - Eastemnet third agers have simple recipes (no rare mats required as seen in previous tiers).

    4x high quality riddermark ingots
    3x legendary shards

    I do get the occasional champ weapon drop from Hytbold crafting dailies, but not near enough to keep up with the rate I churn through them.
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    My champ has one. One of my other characters found it as loot (no idea where) and put it in shared vault for him. His second one was crafted by my weaponsmith.

    Probably your best bet is to scrounge the shards and ingots and ask in the Snowbourn Wildermore crafting areas if anyone can make you the 3rd age. Link the mats in the /say text so they know you're prepared and they just need to do a quick assemble.

    Otherwise you have to grind level 85 humanoids and hope one drops, which would be the crafting instances.
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