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    janvier 2008

    Cool The Ghost Factory Recruiting!

    Dear Firefooters,


    We consist of individuals from various parts of the world, but most of us tend to make an appearance around 8pm-12am EST. Majority of the kin members have experience in raiding, running 6 mans and 3 mans. We aim to be a small sized kinship to ensure everyone gets the chance to participate in runs and minimise exclusion.

    We are currently recruiting players into the kin due to our desire to raid in the upcoming expansion, especially those who are willing to dedicate their time and work together as a group in trying out various instances (besides Sammy please). If you are up for it, we would like YOU to join us.

    Basically, we want individuals who are..
    1. Motivated to get to level cap.
    2. Interested in running group content (PvP/PvE).
    3. Looking to have fun!

    If you would like to try us out or have any questions, send a mail or IM to Miradhor (alt: Aradhor), Altiir, Deathscharge (alt: Deathshadower) and Fyrie (alt: Fyriene).

    For more information, you can check out our kin website (

    Thank you .
    Dernière modification par Imoura ; 25/10/2013 à 08h07.
    Miradhor, R12 100 Burglar of Firefoot

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    juin 2012
    Only 1 level 85 Guard! Bunch of classists.


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    avril 2007
    Sounds Promising



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