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    septembre 2013

    Inn League Quest Issue

    Hi there

    I'm attempting to get my Inn League rep up for that lovely mount.

    I've completed the "Inn League Initiation" & got my initial 10,000 rep. However, Ailward Chubb is not offering me "Covert Reparations". He knows I've done the Initiation & offers it to me to repeat. But the other repeatable quests arn't available; for example Herluf in Needlehole won't offer me "Covert Reparations IV -- Who Doesn't Like Flowers"? Probably because I've not done the initial "Covert Reparations".

    I may have missed something. I've done some research using & can't see what the problem might be.

    I raised this as a ticket & got this lovely response:

    Thank you for your help request. The In-Game Support team does not provide information regarding quest completion hints and tips, locations of NPC’s/mobs or other content-specific details of this nature. You can use the Advice channel from within the game to ask fellow players for assistance or you can visit the forums and for answers to gameplay questions such as the one you are asking. Good luck and thanks for playing!
    Many thanks for any help you can give.

    Jamie (Muchbeer - Inn League Member)

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    avril 2011
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    I may have missed something. I've done some research using & can't see what the problem might be.
    But, have you done anything to reparate for?
    Covert Reparations series

    If you're playing both sides of the fence, and running quests for The Ale Association as well, -> you will unlock the Covert Reparations series after successfully completing An Irritating Initiation. <-



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