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    juillet 2011

    Exclamation Not getting the "A Need In Rohan" Quest

    hey guys....i recently leveled to 75 i was very exited about getting a war steed...As promised by the game, i recieved a letter from galadrial "a need in rohan"....But the problem was that it had absolutely NO item attached. My inv was empty and i checked it, no sign. I checked the mail over and over again and still the box was empty and i am as sure as one can possibly be that i did not detach it.....I tried the rope in caras galadrun, but it didnt work. Please help i really think i am in big trouble.

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    avril 2011
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    That's because the item that starts a quest to send you towards Langhold, Rohan and get your warsteed is automatically given to you at 74, not 75.
    Else, if you play through the Volume 3 Epic line, after completing Great River, you'll start Rohan in East wall, then come back up to Langhold.



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