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    octobre 2013

    Cool RP guilds on Landrovel

    I am looking for a active RP guild on Landrovel. My character's name is Korgamir, I am just about always on, so add me and pm me with more info. If I happen to not be on send me a mail. I am a very experienced RPer I've done so in WoW, Rift, TERA, Warhammer, and before in LOTRO years ago. Please send me a message I am excited to hear from you all.

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    juillet 2011
    Hi Veris / Korgamir! Welcome to Landroval. There is actually a thread on the forums here for exactly what you are looking for. It's a list of ALL of the RP kinships on our server. Some of the names on the list are inactive, but most established RP kinships are on the list, which is updated regularly when a kin leader posts asking for their kinship to be added to it. Here is the link:

    Additionally, if you log onto Landroval and wander around in Bree (especially in the NA evenings), you will likely see a LOT of kinship tags of the various groups mentioned in the list I linked. You can see if you like their styles of RP and use the big list as a guideline to help you find what you might like.

    One last thing - if you want to see who in a given kinship is online, so you can look for or /tell them, type this into the chat box: /who kinshipname 1 85
    Replace kinshipname with the kinship's name, of course, so for my kinship your chat command would read /who Commonfolk 1 85

    Good luck!



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