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Discussion: Question on titles

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    novembre 2010

    Question on titles

    Each morning I have been arranging to have some of my toons receive emotes that will grant titles (e.g. victorious, beloved). One of my toons received the title beloved but should have also received the adorable title at the same time since he received the requisite number of hugs (5 per day for 20 days according to wiki). Is there a limit such that a toon can only have one of the titles? Otherwise I don't understand why this toon is not also adorable as well as beloved.

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    janvier 2011
    No, the deeds are separate, and your characters can receive all of the emote titles. You might have miscounted the emote on one day or another (so keep doing them to the daily limit until the missing deeds complete) or maybe you've already completed them but missed the notification (double-check your completed deeds to make sure they aren't already done).
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    août 2011
    According to Lotro-wiki "The Adorable" has been disabled.

    I've never seen anyone with the title. It's a shame since I would love to get it for my Hobbit too.



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